Sunday, 25 September 2022

Client Reviews


Client reviews are always appreciated. Here are a few for your perusal. If you wish to contact me to chat about having your work edited, drop me a line at or DM me on my Twitter or Facebook pages.

Tom Equels

I want to extend a big thank you to Eamon. He is a wonderful editor. Much of my 'horse' novel takes place in Ireland, so I wanted an Irish editor. Eamon was highly recommended to me, and his insights were extraordinary. He was true to his schedule, highly competent, professional, and I felt I got tremendous value. I am pleased to say the finished novel is powerful, compelling, pertinent and engaging.


David Barreto

I had the pleasure of working with Eamon during the production of my first historical non-fiction book, which should be released at the end of this year. I knew that non-fiction and my genre in general weren’t his typical commission, but nonetheless, I received a professional and exceptional service. Since finding a publisher, I have worked with great editors but it all started with Eamon. He guided me through the most important stages of the production of my manuscript. His knowledge and patience were much appreciated. I can truly say that the success of any manuscript that passes through Eamon’s hands is due to his talent as an editor and writer as much as the author’s. I will definitely be seeking his services again.

Victoria Wolfe

Just wanted to say that Eamon is definitely one of the best editors out there!! I’m onto my second book with him already, with my first getting to that next phase – to be published. Let’s say it was in pieces, and he put all them together and gave me a book!! He is very thoughtful and thinks of so many different things to add. Honestly, Georgiana and Daughter of the Forest wouldn’t be the same without you, Eamon. 😝👌 And thankfully he gets my bits of humour I try get in there. 😂

5 Starsss all the way!!!!

Antoinette Edwards

I highly recommend Eamon Ó Cléirigh of Clear-View Fiction Editing. Eamon's outstanding expertise has helped me to transform my memoir into a publishable book. His editing format was well organized, making it easy to follow as he guided me firmly into the rewrite. His emotional empathy and psychological understanding of the character in my story helped me to go deeper, to add more insight for the reader to grasp. Eamon is stellar in professionalism and wonderful to work with. I enjoyed his humorous side notes and insightful comments. His positive input on my writing abilities has made me more confident in my quest as a writer. I'm looking forward to working with Eamon again as I proceed to write the sequel to my book. Thank you, Eamon!

Joanna Foley

I had the luck of being referred to Eamon by a writing friend of mine. My first novel (not yet published) was finished, but no matter what I tried to add or remove, it was more than lacking in the ability to be read in a concise way – it was all over the field!

The thought of hiring an editor was a scary one for an anxious fusspot such as myself, and yet when my email dinged with a prompt response, I felt rather at home with the friendly and casual tone of the exchange. It was clear to understand what Eamon would be doing in his role as editor and I felt like I was speaking to a professional.

He did a sample edit for free, so that I could see if his editing style was right for me, and of course my testimonial here must prove that I was elated. Eamon gave much advice to improve various aspects of my storytelling in a concise and constructive way. Grammar, punctuation, and formatting were abilities I was not adept with, yet with great attention to every detail, these were all placed where they belonged – I learned a lot from Eamon through his thorough and insightful notes.

As more work was done, the edits felt almost like I was chatting with a dear friend, and I felt like I got to know Eamon and his little dog Cú, as if they were both cheering me along from their side of the internet like the most loyal of personal cheerleaders!

Now, with my writing refined and polished, I am nearing the next stage of my writing voyage. I know that Eamon will always be just a message away with any questions I might have or advice that I may need. Eamon is not alone a mender of words, but a comforting presence through battles uphill and down.

I would recommend Clear-View Editing to anyone, be it a short story, memoir, or you will find that you are in expert hands.

Bobby Burke

I would just like to thank Eamon from Clear-View Fiction Editing for all the work he put into my short story recently. He helped guide the narrative and raise the level of not only the write, but also this writer.

Eamon edits your work in a manner that strengthens your draft and also educates you to the whys with little nuggets of wisdom along the way.

Cannot thank him enough, and cannot recommend him enough. If you have a manuscript sitting or something you are working on, tidy it up to your best level and contact Eamon at Clear-View Fiction Editing. You will not be disappointed.

Vivienne McPhail

Eamon's honesty, encouragement, and keen eye has helped improve my writing and my confidence. He is a master of his craft and a pleasure to deal with. I'm grateful to have found him and look forward to future projects under his guidance.

Melissa Saint-Hilaire

I can't say enough good things about Clear-View Editing! Eamon raises the bar. He's funny and kind in his suggestions and always on point. He has single-handedly made me a better writer. I highly recommend him. 

Casey King

Within weeks of Eamon working his magic on the final edits of my novel, I received several requests for full manuscripts, and I’m now signed with an agent. He helped me to pull the best from my book and have it reach its full potential. I would highly recommend Eamon and Clear-View Fiction Editing, as his skills are second to none.

Mary Bradford

I've known Eamon for a number of years and when I need advice and editing for my, he is my go-to-man. He is someone who is thorough, professional, and above all else brilliant in working with you to bring out the best in your writing. Eamon is approachable on all aspects of writing and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is seeking an editor, they will not be disappointed. 

Ray Ronan

Working with Eamon as an editor is a trans-formative experience for both book and author... Having passed through other editors, it wasn't until I worked with Eamon that I really saw the value in my book and was proud to have it up there and published. I now felt I had something as professional as anything traditionally published. I'd highly recommend working with Clear-View. If you don't believe me, go read my book, To Die For... There. Review and pitch in one. If there are any errors in this review, that's all down to me. Eamon had nothing to do with it. 🙂 

Attracta Fahy

I engaged Eamon in Clear-View Fiction Editing to support me with a personal project, which was a very complex and convoluted process. I found Eamon's approach to be professional, proficient, and extremely competent in the overall editing, structure, and proofreading of this work. Eamon's clarity in his work, attention to detail, insight and knowledge in his craft was invaluable.

I worked with Eamon while undertaking a Master’s Degree in Writing. His precise expertise and advice was a huge contributory factor in my overall achievement of an Honours Degree.

One quality that stands out is Eamon's honesty, and his advice in outlining realistic suggestions. Eamon is reasonable in price, offering very good value for work. Eamon is also easy to work with, he has a particular respect for the essence of what is being expressed in the writing itself. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any project.


Tuesday, 26 July 2022

One-Page Synopsis


Apart from my proven and popular three-phase editing service, I also offer a separate, affordable service to tighten and polish your synopsis down to one page. Why? Because, in my experience, many writers find it relatively easy to create a multi-point synopsis, except it often fills three or more pages, and we all know agents/publishers prefer the synopsis to be on the one page – nice and tight – with all superfluous elements taken out so pertinent plot-progression and character-arc details gain enhanced impact.

If you’re interested, send me your synopsis in a Word file, which I will read to see how much work is required. Then I’ll furnish you with my proposed fee and you can decide if you want to commission me. If we agree to work together, I’ll pull your synopsis into shape and return it to you, and you get to return it to me for another pass after reviewing it.

My details are below:

My email:

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Saturday, 2 July 2022

A Little Green Therapy Goes A Long Way

I took a well-deserved break from work today and drove out to the wonderful Hazelwood demesne in Yeats' Country, just outside Sligo Town. It has to be one of my favourite places in the world, a rustic walking trail around a woodland peninsula on Lough Gill. It doesn't matter what time of year I visit, when the forest is skeletal in winter, flushed with green life in summer, or in the height of autumn's ochre-rich decay, it still infuses me with its magic, soothing all the hard edges developed from hours of intense focus as I edit through my working day. 

The photo above is a view from the bench at Sector 13, a peaceful spot I've come to love over the twenty years I've walked the loop. Just sitting there, breathing it in, savouring all aspects of the moment: the birdsong; the rustling leaves; glinting ripples across the water; the ever-changing shadow vista of the hill opposite; and the otherworld held within reflections, it leaves me...connected, content, and relieved of the weighty stresses of real life.

All creative souls know the benefits of taking time away from the work station, and there's no better way to do that than by losing yourself in the arms of a green therapist. Breathe deep and allow the softness of the moment hug you, for as long as it takes. Believe me, it's worth it. After my visit, I'm ready once again for the world, and hungry to get back to work.

Visit my website, or read through my blog to get a better idea of my editing approach. If you want to chat about your work in progress and having it professionally edited, drop me a line at - I'm always happy to correspond about writing and editing.


Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Taking Time to Step Away

Today, I took the morning off. Why? Simple, really, all work and no play makes one's brain shrink and one's nerves singe from the heat generated by the constant intense focus required to do my job. To make a novel, short story, or memoir the best it can be, I need to go deep and wide to ensure that nothing is missed, and sometimes an unscheduled stepping away from the workstation is necessary to keep the standard high, and to retain the enjoyment I get from my work. Seriously, if I didn't enjoy what I do, I'd close shop and start looking for a job in a... No, that wouldn't happen, mainly because I've traveled a long road to this point and know where my strengths lie - in righting the written word.

I phoned a friend and we drove to a nearby village for a late breakfast in the Nook, a small but wonderful restaurant in Collooney that takes pride in looking after lovers of good food. Believe me, we were well cared for. Then, accompanied by Cú, my trusty canine assistant, we made our way to the sublime Rosses Point, a curved beach that guarantees no cobwebs are left after a forty-minute walk, with lots of ball-throwing to keep Cú happy. Overlooked by the all-seeing Ben Bulben mountain, we were blasted out of it by fresh Atlantic winds, along with hail, rain, and sun showers, confirming what all Irish people know: that it's common to experience all the seasons in one outing.

So, my friends, by all means work hard, but look after your stress levels and mental health. Step away from the furnace of the job when needs be, and take yourself back to nature, whether that's watching ducks in the park, climbing a hill, or getting blasted out of it on a windy beach in the northwest of Ireland. It works. I'm ready to return to the grindstone to do what I'm good at, bringing manuscripts through the developmental process to a point where they're ready to be prepped for submission or release. I'm at if you need me.

Monday, 9 December 2019

Taking Bookings Now

I'm currently taking bookings for my late-summer/autumn schedule, so if your wip will be prepped for its professional edit by August, or after, and you wish to avail of my services, send a sample chapter (up to 3000 words) to and I'll return a free sample edit so you can decide if my editing approach suits your requirements. If you're already a client, you know what to do.

My editing package is three-phase. The first is a deep-focused developmental line-edit where everything is open to review, and I mean everything. This first fix digs into the very foundation of the story, ensuring you receive a solid framework back to build your rewrite from.

The second phase goes as deep as the first, making sure your rewrite works, continuing to develop character arcs, and generally bringing the holistic project forward.

My third phase, while not an official proofread (you'll need one before you submit or self-publish), is as comprehensive as the previous edits, this time with a sharp eye on surface elements. By the end of this, your wip will be highly developed, with your final rewrite all that's required to bring it forward to pre-release prepping.

See what my clients think of my services...

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Friday, 26 October 2018

Is Your WIP Ready to be Edited in 2019?

Looking Ahead

Hard to believe 2018 is almost at an end. It's been a positive and productive year for me, where I've had the opportunity to collaborate with interesting and motivated writers who kept me on my toes as we developed their WIPs to a ready-to-go status. Several of my authors self-published their novels, all to a high standard, while others have submitted to agents and publishers and are currently going through the waiting process - all part of the game we've come to know only too well.

My calendar fills pretty fast, and right now I'm looking into the new year with a view to ensuring my current and prospective clients are not left floundering for want of one of my editing slots. If your WIP is close to ready and you're looking for a professional editor known for caring for his clients, then you should contact me at so we can set the ball rolling.

If you haven't worked with me before, I don't accept commissions before seeing a chapter from your WIP. That gives me an idea of where you're at as a writer, and my sample edit allows you to determine if we're compatible - if my editing approach suits your requirements. Don't leave it too late. Drop me a line and we'll have a chat.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Seán Ó Connor's Dublin Launch of The Mongrel

Dublin horror writer Seán Ó Connor launched his first published work, a novella called The Mongrel, at Dublin's Hodges Figgis last night (October 23rd), to what can only be described as an avid audience, who paid rapt attention, not just to Seán's sample reading, but to the glowing tributes from two fellow horror writers.

As Seán's editor, I hung around the fringes of the gathering before the event began, listening to the interaction as people warmed up with a glass of wine, and I was delighted to hear so many positive comments. A good start. And it got better.

It was lovely to meet Seán for the first time. He's a personable young man, with a sparkle in his eye when it comes to the subject of writing. I also met and chatted with his friend, graphic artist and writer, Barry Keegan, author of the graphic novel The Bog Road, which is for sale from most, if not all, good bookshops. Here's Barry Blog:

With Barry Keegan

The first speaker of the night was Jonathan Barry, author and renowned illustrator, who whilst giving a dazzling review of Seán's novella, was under strict orders from the author of the night not to throw any spoilers out. He did very well, leaving it up to those in attendance to find out for themselves by buying a signed copy of the book later. Here's the link to Jonathan's horror novel, The Devil's Hoof:

Jonathan Barry

Jonathan then introduced horror writer Matt Hayward, who provided an insightful background to how the genre has evolved over the past forty years or so. It's obvious that Matt is a fan of Sean's, which is great to see considering this writer comes with a solid reputation. He has novels, short-story collections, and an anthology of stories from an international collection of established horror writers. Fantastic to have a writer of his worth not just in attendance, but lauding Seán's novella. Plaudits that are well deserved in my opinion, biased though I might be. Here's the link to Matt's books:

Matt Hayward

With the audience thoroughly warmed up, Seán was called to the podium, where he managed his nerves very well and whetted the collective appetite with a reading from The Mongel that left everyone impressed, with several complimenting his acting ability. He certainly brought the chosen scene to life.

Next up came the queue to buy his novella, with Seán giving everyone his full attention as he signed each copy, standing for photos and enjoying the craic. An excellent event, and all the better with his family, friends, and lovers of the horror genre in attendance, making for a memorable beginning to the career of an Irish writer you'll do well to keep an eye on. Even better, follow this link and buy his debut novella:

Seán and family

author with proud editor