Wednesday, 18 May 2011

You are more than just a detail

You are more than just a detail

It is about not just filling the canvas, but using the essence of a specific detail, in all its varied levels of shape, texture, colour, substance, and spirals of light and dark, to bring the space to life without it necessarily making sense to an outside observer.

The point, of course, is not to spend time ‘thinking’ about composition, or even reasons why, but to have confidence in your ability to take that step into the spectrum of the unknown.

Time spent wondering about external reaction to subconscious manifestation, ultimately hinders that forward momentum needed to make the required leap of faith, which is basically about believing in who you are, and that you are more than just a detail.

Allowing the shades and colours of your personal rainbow connect and swirl through form and thought, puts time and space together on the canvas of your mind, and slowly, so slowly, there grows before you an abstract that mirrors the twists and turns, the hot and cold, the dark, deep dynamic of who you really are – that quantum of experience – unreadable beyond learned speculation.

Brush on, brush off – deep reflective strokes, drying and congealing like blood before the camera shot. Your board is full and heavy with the labour of belief. Exhalation acts as a semicolon, leading to an expansive smile, and recognition that stepping across that dark and colourless threshold didn’t lead to artistic annihilation after all.

Without belief, there can be no appreciation of colour.
Without colour, there can be no peace.
Believe in yourself and you will find peace.


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  2. Wonderful to read this, Eamon about taking that step forward, jumping into the unknown, risking failure, but also that special joy when a piece of writing works!
    Such a lot of wisdom here..I will have to come back and read again and again.

  3. I should apply this to both my painting and my writing, Eamon. Very inspirational. :]

  4. Thanks a million, Barbara and Marion, for reading and commenting. Your opinions are always very much appreciated. I think it's essential not just to appreciate the creative, but to take courage in our need to express. We have quality of experience within us. It's a sin not to get it out there. I wish you both well with your creative endeavours.