Tuesday, 28 February 2012


It came to me, like light
from the strongest star,
a realisation, awakening,
when I knew without fear
that we were bound together,
destined to share the shadows,
endure each other’s pain,
breathe one mutual breath.

There can be no kiss now without
escape, where heart is lifted
far beyond denial, where soul’s
release from past creates rebirth
through love and heartfelt joy.

You are my calm, my sanctuary,
where I have moored life’s craft,
now free of darkest nights of
war, long conflict of the mind,
of guilt at paths once taken
beneath the flag of pride.

Whatever time is left to us,
late summer, autumn, or the
starkness of a final winter,
we will survive through all each
trial may bring.

Strength, love, respect and understanding,
pillars to the palace of our hearts.
The stars will light our path and
we will find our way, as one.


  1. Thanks, Julia, for reading and commenting. ;-)

  2. Eamon, very strong writing and excellent phrasing throughout. I really connected with the messages within the poem.
    Michael http://sonascottage.blogspot.com/

  3. Cheers for that, Michael. I'm following your blog now. ;-)

  4. I just noticed that Eamon, thank you.
    Funny thing also,,,, I'm following myself as well, however the blazes that happened.