Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Change Slips In

Autumnal change, unfixed, a slow, slumbering
breeze, soundless as a drying leaf wafting
from the past, like shifting sands, an ebbing tide,
shadows of a time gone by.

You have brought new colours to my table,
energies abound, their vibrant caress support
for darker days.

I lie on a cusp, arms open to
the richness of expectation, heart alive,
high above a dancing landscape, abstract,
flowing, waiting, like an actor in the wings,
confident, yet uncertain.

Whisper, sweet change, reveal your secrets
with ochre dulcet tones.
Wash me clean of yesterday and carry
me through a swift today to the ‘what if’
of tomorrow.

Imbue me with the hues of autumn’s canvas
so I can settle, unafraid, ready to meet
whatever comes my way.

Sun shines, rain falls, wind blows;
night comes with the promise of light.
Change slips in, as it should,
like a friend bearing gifts.

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