Sunday, 3 January 2016

New Year Recommended Reads

I know we all have a pile of to-be-read books beside the bed, some gathering dust as they snooze within easy reach, others screaming out for attention, but there are always a couple more that deserve to be there, that may need a little nudge like this to catch the eye of potential readers.

The first is a contemporary romance, from up-and-coming author, Amy Tierney. The first in a series, based in Ireland's Dublin and Wicklow, it's both quirky and lusty, with characters who will have you hungering for the second in the series, which I believe is being written as I type. It's been doing great in local shops and online, so is well worth a look for anyone interested in the genre.

Mary Bradford, a prolific writer from Cork in Ireland, is building a reputation as a multi-genre author. Her oeuvre covers a novel and novellas in romance, horror, erotica, western, thriller, as well as a collection of short stories. All these can be viewed on her Amazon page, as well as across her broad social-media platform.

Frank Parker, a veteran of the novel form, has recently released his latest, a complex and intriguing look at the consequences of a sexual transgression. His characters and scenarios are so deftly drawn they remain with the reader long after the reading journey has been completed. Highly recommended.

Carol Ervin's collection of historical novels - the Mountain Women series, is based in the harsh environment of 19th Century Winkler, a fictional logging town in West Virginia, where her characters have to survive in a harsh environment governed by men. She's also ventured into contemporary thriller and science-fiction novels that provide riveting reads, not least for their originality. All her work is recommended by this reader.

Susan Nicholls has one novel out right now, but is currently prepping for release the first in a series of crime/comedy capers. Definitely worth keeping an eye out for this American writer's work.

Last but not least is one for horror lovers. It's a vampire story by Daniel Kaye, but nothing like you've experienced before. I Vladimir has the potential to steer the genre in a completely new direction, and you don't come across too many novels like that. Buy it and see for yourself.

So, be sure to check out these authors, and if you do read any of their novels, please do share your impressions, or even better, leave an honest review on their Amazon page.

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