Thursday, 8 June 2017

A Gentle Reminder to Writers

A Gentle Reminder to Writers

This is just a short note – a gentle reminder. As I mentioned in an earlier post, writers need to be cognizant of their scheduling, especially when most of their focus is placed on completing the first draft of their work-in-progress (wip). It’s easy to lose sense of time and what lies ahead of the self-edit.

Whatever month it is as you develop your wip—say it’s June—you need to project ahead, possibly several months, maybe even a year, to when your work is ready to be professionally edited. You don’t want to be hanging around for too long, waiting, so it’s highly recommended, by this editor anyway, that you plan ahead and endeavour to book your slot to prevent disappointment.

I’m usually booked up into the near future, often longer, so be sure to contact me so we can block off those couple of weeks for your all-important first edit. Visit my website to get a better idea of my editing approach, or scroll through my blog for insights and tips on writing, self-editing, and keeping sane in this creative whirlwind we’re caught up in. You can also visit my Facebook page, where a supportive like is always appreciated, or follow me on Twitter.

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