Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Indie Editor Open for Bookings

If your manuscript is ready to be edited and you haven't yet found a professional editor to bring your work to a ready-to-go state before submission or self-publishing, I have openings over the coming months. All you have to do to set the ball rolling is send a short sample chapter to me at This is important as I don't take on new clients without doing a sample edit first. It works for both of us - I'll know where you stand as a writer, and you'll know on return if my editing approach suits your needs.

Read my clients' views on the services I offer:

Check out my website to get a better idea of my editing approach:

Take a run through my blog to view my thoughts on editing, writing, and taking care of yourself as a creative artist:

Here's a link to one of my blog posts - a bit of a rant about taking shortcuts when prepping your work for release.

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Once we agree to work together, I'll schedule you in for your wip's (work in progress) first edit, which is as deep and comprehensive as it gets. When you've applied my suggestions (as you see fit) and completed your rewrite, send it back for its second run, which goes as deep as the first, but primarily takes into account the work's development from the first edit. After your next rewrite, I carry out an eagle-eyed proofread that sets your wip up for pre-release prepping - I make a point of publicizing my clients' upcoming releases across my social-media platform. Once that's done, you're out there in the ever-expanding universe of Indie-publishing, with me at your side all the way. You know where I am if you need me.

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