Monday, 27 June 2011

A moment shared

It rained like swallows’ tears
the day I caught your
final breath.

Wisdom of a lifetime brushed my cheek
as I whispered ‘I love you’,
a thousand unspoken words
trapped like canker in my throat.

Fifteen years have crossed my path
and still I cry for moments lost,
searching for that unseen crack in space
where I could slip inside and make up
for all that should have been.

Each breath reminds me
of our moment shared,
when you held on for me to wake,
to race through corridors of fear;

I did not need technology to know.

You left me with your final breath.
I whispered in your ear,
and know you heard me.


  1. Eamon, this is a truly beautiful poem, full of sensitivity and love..It is a last moment caught so finely, so tenderly here...An eloquent tribute to your mother, with precious vivid lines, a depth of emotion that will preserve that moment forever now.
    So glad you have written this, Eamon...It is a joy to read it..XX

  2. Thanks, Barbara, for your most encouraging comments. It means a lot to me that readers connect with the sentiments. Cheers. x

  3. Eamon,
    A fine poem and I love the photograph of your mother there, in the prime of life. Wonderful:)) Máire

  4. Cheers, Maire. She was indeed in the prime of life. A great sense of humour, which I'm glad I've caught a chunk of. ;-)

  5. Truly lovely -- and such a delightful picture!